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Broward Drupal Meetup Wednesday January 10th at 7pm

01/10/2018 19:00
01/10/2018 19:00
America/New York

This month, we will be discussing "Relativity Views and Theming, Part1."

We all had a good dose of documenting Relativity, dealing with name spacing and uncovering just how important underlying architecture really is. But what we didn't do together is deal with Relativity data output and how to theme Relativity, especially Views. So with that said, let's take what we learned and apply it with the new stuff (views, theming and maybe even some REST endpoints for headless).

A new group focus for anyone wishing to participate (me and hector included). We will:

1: Create a Pantheon account (if you don't already have one)

2: Spin-up a vanilla D8 site

3: Load our module recipe

4: Load our base theme and create our own individual sub-themes

5: Create a personal "About Me" site with a few content types.

6: Deal with output, Relativity related displays and how to expand the model and front end.

This model will grow as time goes on where Views will get more elaborate, theming will become part of the process and be able to see a full Relativity build from start to finish in easier to digest pieces.

We are in the small conference room to the left as you walk in.

Dunkin' Donuts
9170 Florida 84, Davie, Broward, Florida 33324
(South side of I-595 between Nob Hill and Pine Island)