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November 2010

This is our first meetup where recorded the audio and we had remote users participating at the same time. Our remote users used Skype for voice, and teamviewer for sharing our desktops.

We did not waste anytime in using our virtual meetup capabilities: Chris took control of the desktop from Seattle, which was already being displayed locally on the plasma in the conference room, and he clicked through his slides and gave us a presentation on Install Profiles.

We then took local control of the desktop, and Jay gave us a demo of his new musician's site for Colleen Lloy http://colleenlloy.com/. Phil went on to give us a demo of Storm, a Drupal project management system. Jason wrapped up the demos by talking about the gmap module that he uses for a non-profit site: http://sharethestokefoundation.com/

We kept the meetup to two hours and we recorded the audio that you can find below. We also have the slides from Chris' presentation.

We plan on keeping our meetups open to remote users, and to keep recording them as well. One note about these month's recordings is that the audio from our remote users is not as good as our local users, but we plan on improving our recording capabilities so that all users sound good on the recordings.

At the end of the meetup, we talked about our format going forward. Phil suggested a portion of the meetup should be dedicated to talking about modules we are using and really like. The format of our meetups is still evolving, but the key goal of the group is to help all members improve their Drupal skills, all the way from beginners to experts.


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