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August 2011

We held our Broward Drupal monthly meetup on Wednesday, August 10th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

We continued to have remote users participate in our meetup via Skype (audio communications) and TeamViewer (shared desktop).

Chris Parsons (@chillin411 http://chris-parsons.com) gave a great presentation about Panels. Chris is the most knowledgable member of the Broward Drupal users group, and if you listen to his Panels presentation, you will determine the same thing yourself. The following topics are included in the presentation:
- Block system in Drupal
- Panels and Ctools modules (also page_manager, views_context and panels_mini)
- Custom layouts
- Panels Everywhere
- Stylizer
- Relation module
- Panels vs. Context discussion
- Block system for header and footer
- Omega theme

In addition to the main topic discussed above, we spent the rest of the meetup talking about Drupal Commons 2.0, and answering questions from our new members: Joel Lukacher and Seth Prezant . We had three remote participants via Skype and six in the meeting room.

To keep up with the Broward Drupal meetup group, follow us on Twitter: @BrowardDrupal

You can also follow our members at http://twitter.com/BrowardDrupal/broward-drupal-members

broward-drupal-august-2011-panels-slides.ppt73.5 KB
broward-drupal-august-2011-panels.mp398.96 KB


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